Sunday, August 3, 2014

from cathy

this was on the pkg of envelopes that cathy sent. it was level. i had to tip it to get it to fit in the scanner.

she had my zip code wrong, so it went on an adventure.

very pretty *rainbow writing*  that's what i call lettering where you have ink or paint that you let co-mingle while wet. and her tiny little italics are dreamy.

thank you, cathy. there will be several posts coming up where i experimented on the envelopes and it's a good thing i learned how to call disasters -learning opportunities-  yikes...i am way off my game.


  1. Cathy's rainbow letters are amazing!

    I do find it interesting that the envelope would have been delivered just fine without the zip code (or with the correct one), yet with the incorrect zip code, it went on an adventure. It's as if it takes a long time for someone to actually read the address before it is sent on its correct path.

  2. i'm pretty sure the p.o. does not check to see if the zip and city/state are in agreement. i think they send the mail to the zip +street. then, if it turns out that there is no street as indicated in that zip, then they look at the city/state, to see if perhaps the zip is incorrect. and in this case, they corrected it, and sent it on its merry way.