Sunday, August 10, 2014


a while back myra posted her address in a comment and i sent an envelope to her and then i saw her post on her blog about receiving the envelope and then i scanned through some of her old blog posts to get a feel for what she blogs about and i ran across this - an excerpt from a post where she talks about how she enjoys my blog every day and sent me a thank you envelope:

I guess it's to say to Jean, thank you for helping me find a fun thing to do on a day full of earthquakes. I'm going to make a card with the tree on it to say Hi and this is my hobby, and I love your blog.
I think by now you know I live in Southern California and I live close to Brea, LaHabra, and Fullerton, which is where the earthquakes are coming from. On Friday night we had a really bad one and one of my favorite glass picture frames hit the floor and broke. Pictures fell off the walls and the cupboard doors came open and lights blinked. Then I tried to sleep since I had to be on the freeway at 3a.m. to clock in at work at 4a.m. It's been a shaking weekend and have felt some good one's today.  I feel a little sea sick from the movement. Just happy to have a home that is still standing, along with the electricity still on.

i'm glad my blog has offered at least one person something to do during earthquakes....
myra's blog post about receiving the first envelope from me mentioned that connie, her postal worker admired the i thought i would send a co-envelope to them.
there are instructions on the back to fold it back and forth and crease it and then tear it. i hope they follow my instructions. or better yet, i hope they video tape themselves ceremoniously tearing it in half

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  1. Very clever idea. The classic stamps paired with a minimalist design is very appealing. I'm sure they'll love it.