Monday, August 4, 2014

introducing tome

i need to introduce tome hope. here is a link to her website

i met her about a year ago. she had studied calligraphy with cheryl jacobsen in iowa city at the u of iowa. and has had time to create a very nice website.

i finally have someone to cover for me when i am out of town which is fantastic.

her work is very nice and i imagine i will be referring everyone to her when i get around to retiring. that will be a while. but in the mean time, it has been wonderful to have someone who will take on whatever i throw at her. i need to lean a little harder on her to get her to fill my teaching shoes.

i did not ask her for permission to post this. if it's not OK, tome, let me know :-)

and yes, her name is tome, like a book. isn't that a cool name?