Wednesday, August 20, 2014

hot mess

i am including this hot mess because that's my policy. i show everything, even the hot messes. i like the M. obviously, i used a stamp to cover up a mess on the P. and there was an unsuccessful last name on top of the A that had to be deleted.

i still like the idea and while there have been a dozen envelopes that i did not like over the past two weeks, it was worthwhile to slog through the disasters because i finally hit on some ideas that i liked.

and, i figure people are happy to have some real mail...even if it isn't award winning.
Brody Neuenschwander sent me a friend request on facebook. brody is a rock star in the world of lettering. i wonder if he has actually seen my blog? or maybe he uses me as an example of what to NOT do - in his classes....even if i am only a warning...i'm OK with that.  there are enough rock stars. i'm pretty sure i would not enjoy stardom.


  1. You are our rock star and we would all be at a loss if you weren't there every morning to cheer us. You provide insight, ideas and laughs at 6 AM. Can't ask for more than that

  2. i'm glad you like my sense of humor. sometimes i worry that i am too goofy. guess you get to be president of my fan club.

  3. I like the fact that you show some work that you're not 100% happy with (even though it is still very good in many case). Healthy self-criticism is a good thing!

    I also check the blog pretty early each day to see what you have in store for us.