Friday, August 22, 2014

mary katherine's doodly envelope

mary katherine said that this was another *doodly* one. it's a very cool pattern. i think it is a step above doodling. but, that's splitting hairs. it's way fun.

she also says that she does not do any writing with dip pens, just faux-calligraphy where she writes in script and then fattens the down strokes. i am going to try to lure her into the world of real nibs and ink.

if any other readers of the blog are interested in a long distance lesson - or series of lessons, let me know. it's really fun to write with nibs and ink. you just need to know a couple secrets and i am happy to let anyone and everyone in on the secrets.

send me an email at jmwilson411 at yahoo dot com so i know how many are interested. then i will start the lessons, mixed in with the envelopes. or -on the envelopes.


  1. I keep wanting to see recognizable shapes in this one.

    This design would have been perfect for the 'Le Labyrinthe' mail art call.

  2. hmm, shapes yes. Leaves or moose horn convention...

  3. moose horn convention - i laughed out loud - was very glad i was not drinking coffee, it would have come out my nose

  4. we must get a messge to Finnbadger so he no longer has to wonder what the shapes are...