Monday, August 11, 2014

ty - cathy

cathy sent me a big stack of leftover envelopes. i thought the blue ones might help me figure out some ideas that go with the winter flower stamps. i liked the while lettering on cathy's. but i botched the address. then i tried some giant-copic purple. the script *moore* does not go with the stamp. i have 7 more in this series that i will post - two at a time, because i am OK with sharing the disasters and pondering what went wrong and on a couple, i found stamps that saved the day. not sure what the lesson is for today. i guess you can feel comforted that even jean-who-seeks-solice-in-envelopes sometimes just finds an extra layer of frustration. and what do i do when that happens?
i'll let people guess what my last ditch effort to soothe my frazzles is.

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