Saturday, August 23, 2014

bonus post

ruth wondered where i worked in the address on the one with elizabeth's name filling the envelope. i am pretty sure i put in a red line with a gel marker making it two or three strokes to make it wider than the tip. then after it dried, i wrote the address in white gel pen. on this one, i did a little bit of squaring off on the stokes that bothered me. as always, i have better luck with the name elizabeth. i suppose i will get better at alexandra after i write it enough. but elizabeth will probably be my *favorite* name to write forever. i should have written the bottom line first. although, if you look at the quality of the shapes, you can tell that i started at the top and the bottom lines are better because i had warmed up a bit. it suffers from too fast. but, i have a lot to do. enough people responded that they would use the nib lessons, so i have to get going on those.

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