Thursday, August 14, 2014


so then, after the blue envelopes were not stellar, i tried the gray envelopes and i was liking these. although, i felt like i was just doing the same old lines and dots and they just didn't seem blog worthy. then i remembered that if i tried to make something blogworthy every day, i would have to be institutionalized. that's too much pressure. these aren't finished. but jan will be here on wednesday, so i thin i will just give them to her.

i have to make a new *rule* for myself that if i like a vintage stamp and it is not enough for the envelope then, too bad, i just leave it with insufficient funds and figure out a new way to mail envelopes that work with just one vintage stamp.

i have an idea for how to do that...keep checking in....

the composition on the lower one is clumsy.
but i have seen worse. remember how i keep saying that i am not good at filling all the space.
i'm not.
maybe i'll figure it out.

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