Thursday, August 28, 2014

Next Envelope Exchange

yesterday jan reminded me that we were going to do another envelope exchange. she even volunteered to do the organizational portion which elevates her to the position of COO, Chief Operating Officer in the PushingTheEnvelopeCorporation, LTDbut.not.very.

I googled *envelope exchange* to find an image. there were many from finnbadger's blog. but, i chose this one from here:

Here is how the exchange will work:
Send your info to Jan by September 10th.
Jan will distribute lists by Sept. 15th and you need to get your envelopes in the mail by October 15th.
So decide how many envelopes you can decorate in one month.

Theme: whatever you like (fall, Halloween, farmers market stamps, Janis Joplin stamps, anything else) Decorate the envelope....nothing inside, just blank paper, unless you are compelled to write things, but it is entirely optional. 

Medium: pen and ink, markers, typewriting, digital art, photos, chicken scratching, calligraphy is NOT required. This is a beginner friendly exchange. Feel free to wow people with your skills if you do have nice penmanship, but if you do not, wow us with the type of decoration that you enjoy. Just decorate the envelope - and make sure the P.O. can read the address.

Copy and paste the following to make sure you send all the info to Jan.

Your name:
Your address:
Your City/State/Zip:
Your country:
Your email:
 How many envelopes you would like to exchange:

Send this info to:  janhardt (at) mchsi (dot) com


If you want to receive two envelopes, you will get a list with your name plus two others. You do not have to send one to yourself. You send two envelopes and receive two envelopes.
Yes, I am participating, and will send as many envelopes as there are people on the list.
It's a good way to generate some fun ideas for upcoming posts.

THANKS to a bunch of you who sent birthday cards to my mom and also have been sending me some great envelopes. I am currently scheduling posts in October. I like to stay ahead of the curve, so you will be seeing your mail on the blog in a few weeks. If you do not want me to post your envelopes, you need to tell me.


  1. So glad another exchange is being done... I am in, will send info.