Thursday, August 21, 2014

thoughts for brenda

brenda is the nice lady at meredith publishing who handles the paperwork for the free lance artists who do jobs for midwest living magazine. i have done some super fun projects for midwest living. if i can think of a way to tie them in to envelopes, i will post some of the projects. they are collaborative. editors and art directors decide what they want and then i have to execute. it is always interesting to see the complicated process that goes into a magazine article. in some cases there is food, too, and that means there is a food stylist making the food look good. and a photographer. sometimes there are 6 or 7 people involved in making decisions about really tiny details.  anyhow, brenda emails me the contract which i sign and return to her....and this time i had the urge to do something fun on the envelope. i wish i had written the words in the thought bubbles in maybe i'll send her another envelope. abe and his son are referring to two other meredith publications. john muir is referring to the gardening magazines and books that meredith publishes. smoky is talking about the test kitchens where they test all the recipes for publications including the classic better homes and gardens cookbook.

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