Friday, August 8, 2014

8th of month - artpostal

the 8th is our day to visit a blog with more envelopes. some of the ones on this blog are popular and reposted all over the internet. this one was new to me, and had to be the one for my post, because of the bird on the head theme.

also, there are a couple on the blog that are just a tiny bit eye-brow raising. nothing outrageous, just worth mentioning in case you have a 5 year old kid sitting on your lap enjoying envelopes.

i found the above link, by clicking at the blog below, which has some nice stuff. the above one is all in french, but, if you find the words *Les enveloppes* at the top, toward the right, there is a drop down menu and he has his envelopes organized into categories.

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