Tuesday, August 26, 2014

never again

phone photos vex me. they look correct on the screen, but show up like this on the blog. this is off topic but i wanted to offer a warning to any readers who are doing wedding jobs. if a very nice mother and father of a bride show up and are dreamy clients during the envelope portion of the job, but then later, they ask for band logos to be written in silver on black sparkle paper because the groom is a musician in a band and because the groom is really only getting this one request honored -- just say *no.*
part of me feels sorry for the poor groom who isn't getting his dream-event. i am sure he will be happy to use band names rather than table numbers for the reception. but these were really hard to do and they don't really look that good up close. luckily, they will be used after dark, in a dimly lit dining room after happy hour....so maybe nobody will scrutinize them. i was so tempted to throw in the captain and tenielle. *we've only just begun....white lace and promises...yaddayaddayadda....* but, i'm just happy to be done with them.

look below for the envelope of the day.

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  1. I often find that blogger can be a pain about photos. I could swear I've rotated images only to find blogger somehow reverts to the original scan.

    I actually think these are great! They remind me of the cool 'blackboard and chalk' style of art/calligraphy that can be so striking.

    Haha, I wish you and included that, or even better you should have thrown a Britney Spears in there for good measure.