Monday, August 18, 2014

natalie's jimi

so, when i took the envelope posted yesterday to the main p.o. in des moines to have natalie, one of my p.o.pals hand cancel it, i had the jimi envelope for josh, too. she liked both of them, so i thought i would send her a jimi. i really should send more mail to natalie. she goes out of her way to be helpful to customers. she is super calm and super patient. and believe me, i've seen some challenging customers at the p.o.

i think i also saw an actual *bouncer* at the main p.o. he was big and he showed up after a customer started to get more than slightly upset. i really do need to do a better one for natalie.this one is OK...but i think the name and the zip do not harmonize very well.

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  1. It is always nice to find great post office employees. Our main post office here is always pretty busy, but one time I actually got to talk to an employee and learned that he also loved vintage stamps. So fun to get to know the postal employees.