Thursday, July 31, 2014

elizabeth's bubbles

one more fun one from elizabeth. i'm not sure how she made the bubbles. i remember using a straw in a pan of water with paint, blowing bubbles, and then putting paper on top of the bubbles...maybe she did something like that. it looks much better than kid art. maybe using high quality paint yields a better result. i had a couple snarky adults in one of my classes who kept telling me that all the techniques we were doing in *mixed-media* were the same things they did in girl scouts. i did not have a good response...i thought about getting snarky...but refrained. i always think about how beautiful the 40,000 year old cave paintings are. i doubt any cavemen went to art school...but those drawings are remarkable. plus, they didn't have dick blick. this is part of a longer rant...but, i'll spare y'all.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Too bad for the snarky adults who put a damper on one of your mixed media classes. Thanks for sharing this!