Thursday, July 24, 2014

envelope 911

 a couple weeks ago one of my favorite clients called me and asked if there was any way i could do 1,144 envelopes - rush -
i said i could do it if i found some helpers and
tome, jan, and amy were all incredible troopers. they addresses, stamped, stuffed, and sealed until they were dizzy and had carpal tunnel. i should have taken a photo of my sweat shop. i do have a photo of all the envelopes in my car, ready to go to the p.o.
but, you had to be here.

and, did i remember to take large plastic bags just in case it started to rain while i was driving to the p.o.? why yes i did. and did it start to rain? why yes it did.
you can never be too prepared.

so, these three deserve really beautiful thank yous.
i pondered a thank you from here:

but each card was $395.00
so i went with the universal symbol for first aid.

you three have my ever-asking gratitude and i owe you better envelopes.
i tried the single stroke on Tome, then the double stroke on jan hardT and finally a triple stroke on amy scotT

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