Friday, July 25, 2014

myra's dots

back in june, i had a similar envelope. it received some nice comments, including a note from myra, who included her po box, so i made a dotty envelope for myra.

i wasn't sure i would be making any more of these, but i thought it was a good way to test markers and throw the dry ones away. i grabbed a box of fairly old markers and just started making circles.
and then dots.
and then, i had made an envelope + i had cleaned out a drawer.
i love multitasking.
i also soothed my nerves.
it had been a stress filled morning and there is nothing like a bunch of dots to just even out the frazzles.


  1. You do seem somewhat dotty at times!


  2. i wanted to check the exact definition and i'm honored to be considered eccentric. *mad* seems a little extreme. but, maybe i'll get there. :-)

  3. ooops i forgot to insert the definition
    adjective: dotty; comparative adjective: dottier; superlative adjective: dottiest

    (of a person, action, or idea) somewhat mad or eccentric.
    "he was slightly dotty by the end of his second term"

  4. I was so excited to receive this envelope, Connie (at the p.o.) saw it first and was happy for me too. My daughter found a little extra love from you in the it. I put it on my blog.