Monday, July 21, 2014

grade 9-12 graceful winner

it was hard to pick my favorite of the 9-12 graders. there was quite a range of topics from the very sweet, snow and being a straight A student to sympathy for the sandy hook families and self mutilation. it definitely shows the range of emotions that teenagers have and illustrates the value of using art to express yourself.
i chose this one as my favorite because i will fur-shur be stealing the idea of
big bold - border to border name
tiny address in one line (not necessarily over the top of the name)
stamp centered at the bottom
related items sprinkled through the rest of the space.
as i mentioned a couple days ago, i do not usually fill up space, but i can see how this design gives me a framework for filling up the space. that's the value in stealing. my design may bear very little similarity to this one, but the recipe is one will work in many applications.

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