Friday, July 11, 2014

skip - stacking series

the next one in the stacking series. when i was looking for a stamp, i set this piece of paper that i cut out of the usps catalog on the envelope to imagine each of them and ended up liking all of them. imight collage the paper onto the envelope and then add an actual stamp on top. that ought to frustrate the heck out of some postal workers. or i suppose i could put the actual stamp over on the left.


  1. this is the first one i did, starting at the top. the ones where i start at the bottom and build up look very different. i like the idea of writing everything in reverse, building. it is much harder to make it look right, to me.

  2. Hi Jean, I looked at this post first and had picked the stamp you used on the previous post. It was just the right fit!