Wednesday, July 23, 2014

postcard from finnbadger

finnbadger is up to a blog post every day. congrats, grasshopper. i have a link to his blog, so if you read all the links on my blog, you've seen this one. the addressing on the other side is pretty standard. so technically this is not an addressing idea. but, i wanted to show it today because tomorrow, there is a cool idea that is somewhat similar and it is an envelope. this could easily become an envelope if you wanted to attach a mailing label.

shout out to my west coast buddy who knows she should have a blog. when are you going to start? anyone else feel inspired to start a blog? you don't have to post every day.

if you look at finnbadger's archive, you'll see that he started in june of 2013, with just a couple per month. but since january he's had enough to post almost every day.

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  1. Thanks, Jean-san.

    Participating in Karen's Mail Me Some Art exchanges in addition to sending out envelopes has really increased the amount of mail/mail art I receive. It has helped me get enough material to be posting almost daily, as well as opened my eyes to other forms of mail art (like faux postage).