Saturday, July 19, 2014

grade 1-4 graceful winner

i just had to add this one from the grade 1-4 category in the graceful envelope contest. i really hope aiden one this on his own without any direction from an adult. is has so much going for it.
wisdom stamp - wise to put extra postage on to compensate for the p.o. having to work at finding the address
all that white space on the left
the address is sitting in the little scrabble trays
the street number and the zip code are on the clever little score sheets
and thanks you to the p.o. for not putting the barcode on the front.
so charming
and i don't think aiden followed the colors on the scrabble board.
he just used the idea and did that diagonal rainbow design
that makes it more interesting than the actual scrabble board.
so nice...
congrats aiden

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