Tuesday, July 22, 2014

more from brad mcCormick

i've posted at least one of brad's envelopes. here is another one.
if you have not been to his page, he has some very charming stories, including writing thank yous to postal workers who are supportive of his art.


i am posting a bunch of stuff that is not mine because i took a job addressing 1400 envelopes and then will be out of town, so i am trying to get all the days filled up with posts before i leave....and so far, nobody has complained when i post ideas that are not mine.
if i figure out how to take a phone photo and upload directly to the blog from my phone, i will add in some of my own along the way. i really do need to learn how to blog while sitting in airports, etc.

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  1. the actual count on the 1400 envelopes was only 1144, but it was still the largest job i ever attempted. i will be eternally grateful to Tome, Jan and Amy who jumped in, on short notice, and helped get the addressing and mailing done. stuffing, stamping and sealing takes as long (or longer than addressing). i actually enjoyed seeing how fast i could write and still maintain a quality level that was satisfactory to my eye. after the first 400, i had a style that i really enjoyed.