Monday, July 14, 2014

a video

i hardly ever go off topic. this video has envelopes at the beginning, then a minute and a half of somebody piling the dots all over the place, but, the last 30 seconds (approx) you see envelopes and it just seemed blogworthy. also, if you go to the website they post at the end of the video, you find it is the website of the people who claimed to have invented the Tyvek wallet. ( my friend jean showed me how to make the Tyvek wallet and now, it is the only wallet my husband will use. i like the one that looks like an envelope. you can google *how to make a tyvek (or paper) wallet* and find lots of different patterns that are very easy to follow. jean and i agree, these are the ideal alternative if you need to carry some money and ID or drivers license, but you don't want to carry a purse. it fits nicely in your pocket.

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