Thursday, July 3, 2014

tim - scrabblesque

this reminds me of how i play scrabble. you divide the tiles in half. then you divide the board in half. then it is a race to see who can use up all their tiles first, keeping everything on your half of the board. it's a lot more fun that the standard game. faster, too.

i always love tim's postcards. i wonder if he put the bar code on the postcard so that he did not have to worry about frustrating the postal workers....


  1. i can't believe nobody commented on how cool this is. you must all be at the lake.

  2. Looks like the post office scanner did its job here - perhaps the zip scanned well. Clever stuff.

  3. Two out of four, looks like the Post Office is on a roll.

    One this one I did add the Postnet to the bottom of the postcard although I do have examples in my file where the system figured out the zip-code.