Saturday, June 8, 2013

robot butterfly

i used pencil, then a silver gel pen, then when i erased, it took all the sparkle off the gel. lesson learned. again.

if you google *robot butterfly* you will see one that looks a little bit like this. you will also see the envelope that was in the post when i was talking about robots and mentioned that i would make a robot butterfly. i guess everything that i mention is being recorded by google.

sadly, i have a new hobby:
trying to come up with things that are so obscure, they will cause my envelopes to pop up if anyone does a search.
for example....has anyone ever searched for a robot envelope?

now, google *robot envelope* and see if this one shows up.

and this one arrived a few days ago:
i love the eyeballs. we could probably start a whole blog devoted just to robots.
the peter max stamps are perfect robot attire.


  1. Before reading I thought it was a bee. Robots certainly are fun. The two robots have brought to mind that they are walking to your address. And made me think of all the signs that used to say ...or BUST. So theirs could have said Jean Wilson or BUST!

  2. Stella loved her envelope and her signature suggestions. We have summer break coming up and big plans for some serious studio time together. This is a wonderful project for both of us.

  3. Annie, great idea. Protesters, robots holding up signs with addresses. These little mechanical people can sure get your imagination going and of course, they can be insects too. They can be anything...that's the fun

  4. when i googled this morning...i found a bunch of new stuff...
    tooooooooooooooooooooooo many ideas. then went to my lettering club and we went crazy making picnic ideas with ants, etc.

  5. I like the fact that the butterfly wings are in the shape of Bs - nice touch.