Wednesday, June 12, 2013

from jackie - soft pencil

there are a bunch of soft pencil envelopes from jackie. pencil is a wonderful medium. and this is layered...
give it a try.
if you don't have colored pencils, treat yourself to some. they are very beginner friendly. don't buy cheap ones. if you have cheap ones, donate them to some place that needs them. but get them out of the house.


  1. It's all about freedom, speed, consistency, and confidence. I see it all in this little envelope. Good job

  2. to see more of her current work, go to the right column of this blog, scroll down to *driftless page*

  3. went to driftless page. These are stealable ideas, but the post office would not be able to handle this. I'll save this for the wall at the beach house. Love letterly writing. The kids will take hours to decode this