Thursday, June 13, 2013

guest artist susan

it looks like she recycled some envelopes that had problems by adhering pieces to a black envelope and *stitched* all the pieces together with little black lines.
highly stealworthy idea.

i will be adding envelopes from susan into the scheduled envelopes. my whole flower series is looking more like a rut. i never tire of making flowers, but i guess i am tired of seeing them every morning on the blog.


  1. You know that piece of paper that you keep next to your light box to test a color, pen, letter or whatever before you go to your art project.
    Sometimes I fall in love with them. Found a useful way to employ them

  2. oh...that's one of my favorite things to do in my beginner classes. show them how to have a test paper next to their artwork and then at the end of the class, pick up the test papers and show them how wonderful they are.....of course they all need some cropping. your method of patchworking them is very nice.