Saturday, June 15, 2013

liz flower week

one more flower envelope. i knew e and l would make nice stems. i didn't plan or pencil, i just figured it would work out as i winged it. so, i would not say it is the best envelope in the world. i made the flowers first and then tried to connect the name. obviously, it would be easier to do the name first. but, sometimes it is fun to paint yourself into a corner and then see how you are going to get out.


  1. After all this time I was looking at old posts and just realized that
    May 26th said Susan Mashman up side down. I've always admired this envelope but could not figure out what it said. Now that I read it's adjoining post, I'm really impressed..

  2. and now i am not sure where that envelope is hiding....but everything turns up eventually.