Friday, June 7, 2013

birds for stella

i was jotting down ideas. the original looked nothing like this and did not have a banner. i used colored pencils to fill in the drawing which was made with a G-Tec and will fill in her last name in the box, her address on the line and zip in the boxes.

i like this naive style that is so popular right now. i wonder how long the trend will last and i really wonder what the next trend will be. 


  1. when i color in, i often leave a little white space which serves as a highlight. to some, it may look sloppy. but it is an option, especially if you want to get something done quickly.

    also, on the feet, where they are sitting on the branch, i leave space. the eye fills things in. if you connect everything, sometimes it gets congested.

  2. How delightful! Folk art or naive art styles are endearing. It is art from the soul uncluttered by the golden mean or other classic forms. I particularly like the way you designed the address to mirror the banner form. The tip on leaving the white space on the branch is brilliant. Thanks so much Jean!

  3. Oh yes and the stamp is so lovely, the apple looks like it might have come from one of the branches!