Tuesday, June 4, 2013

jan - up in the air

here is the experimental lettering i did when jan gave me the faber castell BIGbrush markers. my new work space has a white desk and i wanted the lettering to go off the edge, but i didn't want to get marker on my white desk. so... i actually wrote all of the teal letters while holding the envelope about 6 inches off the desk, in mid-air. it is a nice william arthur lined envelope, so it has enough body for this nutty technique. i kept turning the envelope so i was always making left-to-right strokes that were pretty level. i wish i had time to do more of these. the tiny letters are G-Tec. the address would be tucked into a space and the stamp would go top-right corner.
and yes, i am missing the last two letters in her name. i think i might put them on the back. and the address will be worked into the spaces. or maybe in the upper left corner. and then i should put extra postage on it to compensate for the extra work they will go through figuring out where to send it.

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