Monday, June 17, 2013

keith bday - candles

more experimenting with the BIG brush markers from jan. they blend nicely. i didn't think there was a good one to blend with the purple, so i left that one without a second color.

sometimes we feel like we have to stick with a pattern and in this case, if i would have forced the purple to have a second color, it might have bothered me that there was no good combination and i settled for something i didn't like.
so the lesson is to allow inconsistencies when you have a good reason. sometimes having s couple items that don't quite fit is more interesting then everything being very regimented.

bad stamp choice. i have a very bad attachment to my stamps. i had some better ones...but i just couldn't part with them. now i hope that keith doesn't read my blog and wonder why i won't use my really good stamps on him. on the other hand, he has known me a while, so he probably understands why i don't put the primo stamps on some of his envelopes. i think it is because these were experiment envelopes and i was not making it for him from the beginning. he just happened to be the next person on my birthday list. so...who has a birthday coming up?

plus, it was a cheap envelope. i have trouble putting good stamps on cheap envelopes.


  1. Could you tell us(again, probably!) what size and brand these markers are, please? I'm in NY on holiday from Australia and would like to buy some.

  2. Faber Castell Big Brush or Faber-Castell Big Pitt Brush. If you Google, you will see some nice sets on Amazon. Or they may be on the shelf at one of the art supply stores. I hope you find them, they are really nice.