Saturday, June 29, 2013

pennant hats - skip

oh, i got carried away and forgot the pennants. so i still have to go back and work on a pennant idea that i love. or i could add to this one. but his birthday is coming up, so i will probably mail this one. the address will go on the 5th hat.
he has a PO box which makes his address very easy to tuck into small places.

and i think we need dots around the fluffy stuff on the top of the hats.

here it is with dots and the address in a bad phone photo. i like the way the birds are sitting on the wire. these are G-Tecs. the curls coming out of the hats were done with a paintbrush and gouache. i can't decide which one i like. i guess they are both fine. although the top one does not exist anymore.

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