Saturday, June 22, 2013

guest artist smash

bonus post today because mine is just a beginning of an idea and smash sent some fun red-white-and-blue envelopes that i should post now rather than later.
this is fun and i wonder which white she used. i just tried some copic white this week. jan brought it. jan had to use a rolling cart this week to share all her goodies. the copic white comes in a jar. i will review it when i post the actual envelope...which is to finnbadger, but i spelled his name wrong, so now i don't know whether to redo it, or leave it as is....


  1. I'm OK with imperfection :)

    Question is, will you be ok with it?

  2. imperfection might have to be my signature/trademark/defining characteristic. i'll drop it in the mail (as is) after i obsess for a few days about which stamp to use.