Wednesday, June 26, 2013

guest artist susan

i can't tell from the image if she adhered cut paper to the envelope or painted the shapes. they look more like cut paper. i'm pretty sure that 60-cent is not enough to mail a portrait orientation envelope. but, since she is making 365 envelopes to herself, maybe she is not actually sending them through the postal system.

this was one of my favorite LOVE stamps. i wish they would recycle some of their designs. the current one isn't a favorite.

that's it below. the lettering bothers me because it is a font and i think it would have been better it was hand lettered and a little looser. just my opinion....feel free to disagree.


  1. You are correct, cut from a very special box of color aide paper, from art school about 100 years ago. This envelope was made very early in my career as an enveloper. When I went to the PO she wrote in ball point 36 next to the stamp. Another stamp would have been off center and it never got mailed. I do want the cancel mark and date on the envelopes for the grands. This one is an exception.

  2. i still have my box of color aide paper from college :-) you could put another love stamp on each side of this one, to maintain the symmetry. the stamp itself is already asymmetrical.
    but i would definitely cover up the ball point number.