Monday, June 3, 2013

jan's plaid

i wanted to see all the colors of the markers that jan gave me together. so this seemed like a logical way to try them out. my mom walked by the screen when the photo was open and said, "did YOU do that?" as if it did not look like me. no it doesn't look like me at all. i wouldn't even post this except it caused me to do something else that was experimental that i really liked.

of course, it was all neat and tidy that there were 16 colors. but then, someone returned a marker, so i actually had 17 markers. that would have upset some people. not me. i love prime numbers and i have *the rule of 17* which is a splendid rule. i invented my own, then i googled to see if anyone else had a rule of 17...and of course, it was out there. but, i'm fine sharing it.

jan saw this and thought i had left the T off her last name. she didn't look in the line below. long ago, before grammarians were invented and people just ENJOYED themselves...they let lines and words break whenever it was necessary. the older i get, the less i enjoy rules. they say elderly people turn into children. i must be ahead of myself.

my rule of 17 is this....if you are trying to learn how to make something, make 17 of them before you decide if it is a successful project. you may not have to go all the way to 17 to work out all the kinks. but, if you get to 17 and have not worked out the kinks, then you may desert the project and know that you have given it a fair chance. (please note: this is ONLY about projects. do not apply this rule to people)


  1. I'm partial to the number 13...which is very strange for my otherwise Mrs. Monk brain of even-steven. It must be that odd numbers work better in art, so that must be my reasoning. I'd say the lettering can be your style, but the plaid certainly throws it off the "Jean track". But it looked like fun and that's what the hokey pokey really is all about.

  2.!! there are quite a few variations of this one that i hope to try very soon. 13 - the universal symbol for an extra cookie. sounds good to me. :-)

  3. The rule of 17 sounds interesting!