Tuesday, June 18, 2013

guest artist smash hot fuchsia pink

in my post below, written a month ago, i said that i imagined i would be getting some fun mail to add today and as predicted, there were three wonderful envelopes from smash-girl. i hope she tells us how she did this one and what is the ink or paint? it is so bright.

a wOnDeRfuL envelope from FinnBadger arrived in the mail - can't wait to scan and share it :-)

and then...a bunch more from smash-girl arrived via email...so, i have a ton of stuff coming up....


  1. Here is the magic potion, you need to line the envelope with something thick because this stuff comes through everything. Work on something smooth that you can dispose of.
    1 dropper full of WN ink onto a 1 oz bottle of hand sanitizer Shake and squirt onto a piece of flat glass. Invert onto envelope and leave sitting to dry for several days. The pattern is hit and miss, but continues to change for days. I think the active ingredient is alcohol. This is fun to do, but unpredictable.

  2. That fuschia looks amazing, thanks for sharing the technique.

    And I'm glad you liked the envelope, Jean, I just wish I had the skill to do something cooler with the address.

    Forgot to mention - I really like the fact that you usually post in lower case - very easy on the eye.

  3. thank you for telling us the trade secret. it is very pretty and i think the high quality crane's paper contributes to the loveliness.