Friday, June 21, 2013

hillarian grafitti

i saw an exemplar for grafitti letters on pinterest and thought about doing a hillarian treatment. it was fun. but it needs refining.

and i need to finish the dots around the edge. i started on the N and was trying a variation where the dots go up and down in size. i think it has possibilities...

look below for a second post telling the outcome of the concert ticket lottery envelope.


  1. Wow...great combination of styles....dare I say "hillarious"?

    1. Why do you call it graffiti? It's illuminated, zentangled and hilarious. Where is it going and how will it get there without a stamp? The start of a very happy envelope

  2. The letterforms are reminiscent of the work done by graffiti artists on boxcars ... if you're interested, there's a book called Freight Train Graffiti which chronicles the history.

  3. nh - you are hillarious.
    smash...i will post the whole alphabet and you'll see how much the original looks like graffiti... mine is too regimented
    i would need to work on my make it look right