Thursday, June 20, 2013

keith bday + line flowers

this one was  on the may15th blog post with an address in the sky that i did not like. nh suggested meandering the name through the stems, which i had been pondering and this is much better.

this one ended up being my favorite of the 4 i did for keith
i put them all in one envelope and actually mailed them.
i addressed the envelope to
mr. meendering, because i had spelled his name wrong on most of them.

i am still on a flower binge. there will be a series of these coming up.


  1. Love all the S's on Nancy's envelope. What stamp? When I got to the PO today they said they found a box holder who wants to trade old stamps for forever stamps. This sounds like a good deal. They have been so helpful and supportive of this project.

  2. that's really cool that your buddies are helping with the project. i don't know what stamp i would put on this one. i guess something black and white. one of the calder stamps or a noguchi stamp would be nice. i think the noguchi lamp.