Saturday, August 12, 2017

Wildly Exciting News - Natalie and Jean's New Mission

This envelope ran in September of 2015. There are quite a few envelope on the blog addressed to Natalie. You can see them by doing a search for *Natalie* in the search box.

I met Natalie years ago at one of the USPS branch offices. Eventually she moved to the main post office and we stayed in touch. I started mailing envelopes to her *at the front desk* and she displayed them under the glass on the counter.

A few months ago, I stopped in and asked if she was in and was told that she had moved to training for a while. I did not get the impression that it was a permanent move. I thought she would be back at the main PO at some point.

Yesterday I had my stack of August exchange envelopes to mail and a little extra time so decided to drive down to the main post office, hoping to see Natalie. She was not behind the counter - but I stood in line and hoped that if I asked to see her, maybe she was just in the back. As I waited, I happened to glance over by the post office boxes and THERE SHE WAS. I literally yelled - Natalie!!!
She said, "I've been meaning to contact you - I have a new job - Customer Relations Coordinator.

What was it that made me just happen to go to the P.O. yesterday. I still had a few envelopes left to do - but, I felt like taking a break - and remembered that it had been a long time since I had seen Natalie. Her new office is not at the main building - so it was a very chance encounter that she just happened to be there. The new people at the counter might not have even known who I was asking for or known where she had gone.

Natalie and I proceeded to brainstorm all the exciting displays of mail art that we will be able to put up at the various post offices. Obviously, I will be inviting everyone to send more mail to Natalie. I invited my readers to send mail to her once before and several people did. You may start sending mail right now - if you wish.

Customer Relations Coordinator
United States Postal Service
7900 Hickman Road
Des Moines, Iowa

Because these will be used for displays, I think we should conform to their preference for stamps in the upper right or along the top -and- addresses should be clear - horizontal - and towards the bottom. I don't think they want to advertise that you can do outrageous stuff and they will still deliver it. The point is to give the public ideas that may inspire them to decorate their envelopes and send more mail.

If you are a skilled calligrapher, I know that they will enjoy having examples of *fancy* writing. But don't feel you have to be a great calligrapher to send fun ideas.

From time to time, I may toss out some other ideas for people who want to participate. If any of you are friends with your postal workers and notice that your local post office has an empty or boring display case - I will post pictures of our displays that you may want to replicate at your own post office.


  1. Very exciting...a new venue. Thanks for opening up new horizons.