Wednesday, August 9, 2017

6 Red - Step 2

Here is step two.

I found some red stamps to use up. Remember - these are the dreaded shimmer envelopes and not much sticks to them except Sharpie. Some of the other markers do OK - but you have to wait for the ink to dry.

The one to Florence is OK - but the doodads look a little like something growing in a petrie dish.

Susan's has just fine silver gel pen drop shadow. I'm struggling with that one.

Alison's lettering had gone a little too loose but I am OK with the doodads.

Grace's is driving me crazy. No amount of layering seems to be fixing it.

I thought Troy's was the worst, until I found that stamp and then I loved it. It looks better in person.

Kate's - I'm undecided. I think I might be OK with it if I tear the stamps apart and attach them so that they line up with the top and bottom of the block of copy. But then I have to get the stamps on straight and that is usually beyond my skill level. Seems odd that I can't attach stamps neatly. Sometimes I can - maybe I just need to focus....

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