Sunday, August 6, 2017

Spiral Pairing - May Exchange

How fun is this? Two spiral designs. Technically, the bottom one, from Rachael, is concentric circles and not spirals. The top one, from Grace, has some words...

at the top it says *it's*

over to the left is an *A*

and at the bottom is and *ing*

I was really surprised how long it took me to figure it out...

Leave a comment if it took you less than 15 seconds to figure it out.

Or, I guess leave a comment, if it has been three days and you still can't figure it out....I won't post the answers until day 4 - so everyone will have a chance to play the game.

I think this is the end of the May exchange envelopes. I am writing this on the 7th of June - so my next batch of exchange envelope are starting to arrive. More than one person mentioned that participating in the exchange really seems to make each month fly by. I agree. I'm sitting here pondering that the year is almost half over. Might be time to start on the Halloween ideas....


  1. I have no idea and am curious...

    1. A-(maze)-ing. An actual maze between the letter a and the ing.

    2. Now I see. How clever :) Thanks!