Monday, August 21, 2017

This is it - Eclipse Day

I don't think my husband, brother, and sister-in-law will take any pictures today. They are heading down to Chillicothe, MO - or possibly further south, if the traffic isn't bad to see the eclipse.

I should ask them to reenact this photo....except my sister-in-law should leave her shirt on.

I'd love to hear if any of my other readers are going to be in the path of totality.

I'm pretty sure that SmashGirl lives in the path of totality - it would be fun to hear from her.


  1. We toyed with the idea of going, but nah... My husband found out there will be a total one here in the north east in seven years! I'll wait...

  2. Based on your informing me about the eclipse last year, and the fact that I've never seen one, I planned a trip to Nashville. A little cloudy, however got to see almost all of the first half, plus the totality. Well worth it, truly a special event. I'd even endure the drive back that took 14 hours instead of the usual 6 to 7 again for another one. Only 7 years to the next one, and this one passes just west of C'bus, so I'm in :)

  3. We had a similar experience to FinnBadger out on the beach with many friends and family. The clouds parted as if on demand, and we saw the entire show including the diamond ring as it started on the way out. We stuffed on Proseca and moon pies. Glad I saw it. Charleston was crazy. NASA gave us a talk with details of what we were watching. Very smart people learning about our environment from above the clouds

  4. My husband and I traveled from Texas to Nebraska to view it. We took a couple of days to drive there. We then thought we were being so sneaky, found McCain Cemetary right on the red line, out in the middle of no where, so we headed there early Monday morning. When we arrived, we were not alone! LOL We viewed it in totality with about 4 doz other very nice people in the quiet of the cemetery. Everyone applauded when it was over and we all headed home.

    Was a fabulous view! Cloudy all morning until right before totality, the clouds parted and we saw it in all its glory. Was totally worth the 20+ hours in the truck! Imagine, a 360° sunset! Toying with the idea of going to Chile or Buenos Aires in 2019!

  5. Thanks for the trip reports. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the experience.