Saturday, August 19, 2017

Limon font

This was a new font from MyFonts that came out in June. It reminded me of the raging arguments that some of the calligraphers get into about the dreadful new loose styles of writing. And the raging can turn rabid when the subject of faux-calligraphy comes up. Faux -calligraphy is where you use a regular pen, but you create the appearance of thickness by adding width on all the places that a nib would be flaring out - and creating the thicker parts of *real* calligraphy.
Personally, I do not have a problem with faux-calligraphy. It has become so popular that there are people making fonts. This one is $179. Of course, if you have a pen or marker, you can just write like this and you don't need no stinkin' fonts.

What movie is that line from?
We don't need no stinkin'  __?__
If I could remember what they didn't need, I could probably remember the movie...
but, I am sure at least one of my readers will remember.

Of course, I am headed straight to Google to see if the answer will pop up....


1 minute later.
stinkin' quote

I had no idea that the Blazing Saddles version was appropriated.
But, I will take this opportunity to put in a reminder that it's OK to do some stealing...just depends on how you do it - and what the product is....

and getta load of these fun dingbats that come with the font:


  1. This page on wikipedia may have the answer you're looking for

  2. My family says we don't need no stinkin'______. all the time LOL!