Sunday, August 13, 2017

Lynne's Idea - June Exchange

The lower envelope is one I received from Lynne and I always liked the idea. At one point, I got around to doing the purple version. Then it got lost in a stack. Eventually, it popped up and I decided to put her name inside the squares. I was lucky to have those stamps. It was a challenging envelope to find a stamp for. The purple heart would have worked....probably. But, I was happy with the fern.

Thanks for the idea Lynne :-)

See comment below---original idea came from Smash.

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  1. I can not take credit for this idea! It was Smash's idea that I "borrowed" from an example of envelopes she introduced to our class a few years back. She was a fabulous and inspirational instructor and she was the one who introduced our class to your blog and envelope exchange! it has been a blast!
    Thank you Susan and Jean!!