Friday, August 18, 2017

Nancy Hills Fridays - 1

While slogging through all the confusing stuff on my electronic devices, I found 4 envelopes from the fabulous Nancy Hills. Usually, when I see one of her envelopes I have to drop everything and start doing my own version of Hillarian lettering. I have not heard from Nancy for quite a while. I hope she is OK. I have her address...maybe I should just drop in???


  1. So pretty! I agree, you should drop in. Have a happy weekend.

    1. Actually - I did hear from Nancy recently and we will be getting together in Milwaukee in 2018 - the IAMPETH conference is Aug 6-11. So we can ALL meet up in Milwaukee. I need to post this on the blog to see how many people we can get to show up.

    2. That's awesome. In my dreams, but it is a ways away!;)

    3. hmmmmmm - i should look for an AirBNB - and we could save a ton of money - instead of staying at the hotel and eating hotel food. hotel is usually $120 + taxes per night.

    4. Here is one that would be $170 per person for the whole week.