Saturday, August 19, 2017

Bonus Post - Eclipse +2018 Get-together

Bonus post today because the regularly scheduled post (below) did not have an envelope and because lots of us are getting excited for the eclipse. This is only one of several eclipse themed envelopes that have arrived in the August exchange. I chose the one that was on the top of the stack - because I am rushing about.

Also, I need to let everyone know that there is a Pushing the Envelopes Get-together in the planning stages.

Yesterday, a pre-scheduled post mentioned that I should just drop in on my pen-pal Nancy. And then Nanski ( a different person with a similar name ) left a comment encouraging me to do the drop in -- to which I responded - that I actually had been in contact with Nancy and we would be meeting up in August of 2018 for the IAMPETH Conference that will be in Milwaukee - Aug 6-11.

Sooooo----anyone interested in attending the conference ----I'll be there, and will figure out a place to set up shop - so that I have my own table and we can have our own little mini-conference. I will be posting more details about the whole event - in case anyone is truly interested in attending. I have attended several times and it's pretty interesting. It's not for everyone - but - it's a good place to rub elbows with some of the rock stars in the world of penmanship and calligraphy.

The main thing to know is that in order to attend, you need to be a member of IAMPETH. You would need to join this year to be eligible to register for the conference and then you would need to renew your membership in July of 2018 to actually attend. They have a goofy membership year - but - the membership fees support a very worthwhile organization and as I recall - there are no paid members on the board. It is strictly volunteer. So you are supporting the preservation of a lot of penmanship history. Their website has a ton of information. I am very fond of the list of instructors on the conference page as it includes me.

Also--- note the way a postal worker decided to cancel the stamp...a big black Sharpie swipe. Normally, that would peeve me -- but this time, it looks like a fun addition because it looks (somewhat)  like the path of totality.


  1. If you have the opportunity to attend this conference, don't hesitate. You will spend the week with amazingly talented, friendly, sharing, and humble people. Don't feel intimidated. There will be people of various skill levels attending.

  2. Add my name to the mini conference! Thanks for explaining the membership rules.