Monday, August 7, 2017

June Exchange from Florence

I like the way Florence put the three different styles of writing on the card. It is a very nice -quick'n'easy- layout to remember if you like to tuck items in your mailings.

I regularly steal ideas from Florence. Thank you Florence for the *fan mail.* My *bestness* is reserved for a couple very narrow areas. The rest of me is hopelessly average and in some areas I am deficient ---and then there are those areas that are missing entirely. I can't think of the right word. Devoid?

I wonder if there is a chart somewhere with all the different characteristics of people. The part of me that fills in charts and graphs is above average. If anyone knows of such a chart, please share. I will attempt to resist the temptation to Google *characteristics of humans.* But you know I am heading there in two clicks. I will let you know if I find anything. I suspect some of my most devoted readers are devoted because they, too, share the love of charts and graphs.

* two minutes later*
OK, there are tons of hits - to lists...
This might take a while.....

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