Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Bonus post - Correction Question and Disorganization

Three items popped into my little pea-brain. The regular daily post is right below.

Item one:
The BigHelpful Brother and I were having a conversation about something he saw in a old book - a manuscript book, which is what we call the handwritten books that came before the printing press. I started bombarding him with the tidbits I know about manuscript books. And then went looking for examples. This image is one of the examples of how silly/fanciful some of the images are. What I had hoped to find was a famous image that depicts a very clever *fix* when the scribe had omitted an entire line of copy. He or she wrote the line at the bottom of the page and then put it on a little platform with an illustrated pulley, like window washers would use. And the reader is supposed to haul the missing line up and insert it where it should have been. Is there any chance that one of my readers has seen that image and can send us a link?

Item two:
The August Exchange lists have gone out. The first item on the list asks participants to please let me know that they received their list. If you have not received your list please let me know. Thank you to all the very prompt people who have responded.

Item three:
For people new to the exchanges - I schedule my posts waaaaay ahead. Yesterday I was filling up the first two weeks in December with the July exchange envelopes that I had received. I post most of the envelopes that I receive. So, if you are waiting to see your envelope on the blog, be patient. If I have not posted your envelope, I apologize. I have tried all kinds of ways to keep the envelopes organized - but they come dribbling in - and I am always waiting for a few stragglers, so it does not work to have a chronological filing system. Then there are the images on my computer - and it is very hard to scan or photograph the images and get them on the blog in the same hour. If the images wait for later - then I have no way of remembering which are posted and which are not. I have a new idea on how to be more organized but I have no idea if it will work. In the meantime, you will just have to put up with (or enjoy) the random chaotic style of this blog. Hopefully, there are highly organized people who read the blog and feel energized and gratitudinal because they can look at my mess and think, "There but for the grace of God go I." Gratitudinal is not a word, but it should be. Or maybe there is another word that would work - lemmekno if you have a suggestions.

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