Saturday, March 21, 2015

pidgeon post

another off-topic post. the letter writers alliance has been around for a while. their focus is sending mail so the artfulness of the envelope is not that important to them.

they offer this kit to mail an actual plastic penguin. yes, you can send objects like this through the mail.

for details, check out the website. it is a fun idea. no, i do NOT want one of my own. although they are reusable, so, if anyone sends one to me, i will return it to you.

i imagine smashgirl is tempted to buy one of these and turn it into a hat. explanation for new readers: smashgirl and finnbadger and i have a series of envelopes of birds on heads as well as heads on birds.

1 comment:

  1. I'm a fan of all sorts of fun mail and have sent many an odd object through the mail to my friends/family and they, as well as the mailman, get a real kick out of receiving/seeing them! Even the window clerk looks forward to my trips to the station just to see what I am mailing next. I would find this a wonderful surprise if it arrived in my mailbox!! ~ Donna E.