Wednesday, March 18, 2015

off topic

so imagine being on your hands and knees to the left of the boot and then reaching over to write by the toe of the shoe but you can't get your hand anywhere near the surface of the table because that chopping block and the bowls are right where your hand needs to be. there is no way i could have done this, and yet i did.

sadly, i can't find the photo of me perched on the table. it was very funny and documented that i am not making any of this up. i suppose you think that they just moved all the stuff. but you can't do that. you have to leave everything where it is.

as they were setting up the shot, they suddenly decided that the bowls were looking odd because there was nothing in them. it was the last shot of the day and everyone was tired. people started listing items - like apples - and i don't remember what else. all food things. but they did not have any food handy. my little brain kicked in - and i thought - what would they have in the studio that related to something in the shot...and i looked at the hammer...and i thought - nails. so i said "nails." and everyone said "yeah." and someone ran and got some nails and it just made the shot. i love when i can be more than just a scribe.

so, i probably make this sound like it is fun and glamorous. it is fun when you get to do it about 6 times a year. i can't fathom how people do it day in and day out. when you pick up a magazine and flip through and look at the photos, you have no idea how much time it takes to put an article together.

the new envelope for today is right below.


  1. I had no idea that magazines would have someone physically write text like that - I assumed it was all digitally added. Very impressive - you'd do well at the old classic Twister.

    And I am sad there is no photo evidence!

  2. Very impressive. I didn't realize that you did acrobatic lettering. Wouldn't be something I could do. I've done some lettering for other people and when I start, I feel like I've never picked up a pen. I scrutinize every little mark. Good thing I don't depend on my skills to make a living.

  3. I picked up a copy today. Excellent work, Jean, and I was glad to see that they gave you credit as the illustrator. Had to look closely, but your name is there. Quick thinking with the hardware, too. Congrats on a great piece.