Thursday, March 26, 2015

jan's calligraphy stamp

the green was done ages ago. probably on the day jan brought her re-inker bottle and refilled my giant copic marker. it took forever to find a stamp i liked and then i did the calligraphic design with a gel pen. i wish i had been a little more detail oriented when i did the flourishing. maybe i'll find time to redo this one.


  1. i have more of the stamps, so i can send you one....but will have to put the stamp in the lower right corner :-)

  2. What a great job of coordinating with the stamp. Color, white lines, etc. did you plan the address placement in advance?

  3. no...i did not plan...i was just having fun with the copic marker...and it was odd that the stamp looked good with the marker, because the stamp is very sage green and the marker is very acid green. i'm not sure how it worked out so well.